Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Support Sammy!

I'm not one to make too much of a fuss over something, especially in personal interest stories. But this one touched me and I felt the need to write a quick post about it.

The Town of Nostaluga AL had a resident kitty (and a real cutie-patootie to boot!) living in the Post Office until someone actually had the nerve to complain about his presence there stating that it was a Federal building and he should be evicted because HE DIDN'T PAY TAXES!!!!

Apparently, snoozing on the desks all day is a Federal offense down there too - BAH!

Well, some kind people bought him his own PO Box and you can actually write letters of support. I plan to mail mine out by week's end. Here's the story:


There's news at the Notasulga Post Office, and it's not even a shooting. Sammy, the Notasulga PO's unofficial resident cat has been banned from the building. Apparently an angry customer called in a complaint, citing the fact that Sammy doesn't pay taxes as grounds for barring him from federal grounds. An outraged group of Notasulgans (including, we're happy to say, at least one of our readers) has taken swift and decisive action to rectify the situation. They bought Sammy the Cat his very own P.O. Box. If you want to send Sammy a letter to show your support, you can write to:

Sammy the Cat
P.O. Box 173
Notasulga, Alabama, 36866