Monday, January 26, 2009

So Far, So Good

So far, 2009 is doing OK. Much better than 2008 I must say. ;)

Surprisingly enough, things have flip-flopped around a bit. Work is going really well but the relationship I have with my mother, not so much. Believe it or not, I can handle this a lot better than the other way around. Things have gotten a lot simpler as I have been working on improving my relationships at work but trying to be seen as an adult in the eyes of one's parents seems near impossible. Meh.

The to-do list for this year keeps getting bigger and bigger. Hopefully getting everything done on "schedule" won't be an impossibility. I made my goals as simple as possible to make sure that I don't bite off more than I can chew. Now, if I can only stop sleeping all day, every non-working day, I'll be a happy camper!

Matty is still behaving a bit off. His obsession with running water is driving my utility bill up slightly because I forget when he's actually done with the faucet. I'm not due to be paid until Friday so I can't run out and buy him his own water fountain just yet. He's still using my bathroom closet as his own private litterbox but at least it's jheri-rigged in a way where I can clean it up easier and it's not ruining the carpet. He's still a bit skinny too. I can't wait until next week where my food order for his new diet will be available for pick-up at work. One of the doctors suggested I put him on a novel protein diet, either Hill's Prescription (tm) z/d or d/d. I ran out of the samples I was given and all I have is the "emergency" food, which he still throws up intermittently. My poor little Matty-moo. :(

On another note, I've been pretty good about getting to about half of my knitting groups. Last week, I wound up sleeping through them but I plan on going out to all of them this week. My friend Beth gave me a project to work on as part of teaching me how to knit socks. Right now, I'm about two-thirds finished with the first sock.

I'm also working on a utility pouch that I can wear at work, so I can carry all my junk (i.e. scissors and pens). That one's a crochet project. I had to re-learn the basic stitches but it's working out well.

The next post I write will have more pictures to share. The memory card in my digital camera needs to be replaced and I'm having trouble uploading new photos as a result. Bah!

One of the more inconvenient things about a new year is having to renew memberships to various organizations ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Especially when it's been almost six weeks since the last paycheck and grocery bills are going up. Here's are some of the ones I have to renew before week's end:

Veterinary Technician State Registration (RVT)
International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM)
National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA)
Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA)

OK so the last one isn't imperative but it's always nice to have something to belong to that not work-related. :)

One of my new friends on Facebook, who is involved with the IVAPM, invited me to help her co-host a chat next month on the Veterinary Support Personnel Network ( and I'm really eager for the upcoming weeks. Also, one of the Board Certified surgeons that works at my place of employ is graciously willing to let me intern with him in his program. Now, if we can only get our schedules coordinated to make this happen...

Now for the token Funky Bunch shot. :-P

I'm beginning to think that good 'ol Chunky Monkey here gained all the weight that Matty lost...