Monday, June 23, 2008

Death of a Refrigerator

Well, I thought it was weird last night when I noticed that the fridge was making these intermittent sounds every 15 - 20 minutes or so lasting around 30 seconds and then being quiet but being that I'm gone most nights, I didn't think anything of it.

Until this morning.

Milk wasn't that cold. Check freezer, cool air not really a-blowin'. Picked up box of frozen spinach, dripping wet and mushy. FRAK.

Called up the front office to tell them and they were nice about it. Not too long ago, the light bulb for the stove top underhanging of the nuker blew and with it the circuit so I let them know about that too. I had played with the circuit before but I guess I just don't have "the touch" so I've been without food nukage for a while until this morning.

So apparently I can get reimbursed for anything that is unopened. They asked me to take photos and make an inventory so I just finished that. Most of the freezer stuff has been there a little while so I'm probably gonna have to track them down on the next few grocery trips. Not bad, considering I shop at either Whole Foods or The Fresh Market. Recently I've been patronizing Earth Fare, but that's only recently.

At least the fridge itself was almost empty. The irony it this whole thing was that I was too lazy to get off my keister to go food shopping yesterday. Know I know it was all for a higher purpose. (OK. But it makes me feel better when I secretly tell myself that....)

Alright. Now it's about 6:45pm and the office closes at 5pm daily. This better mean I'm getting a NEW not RECYCLED fridge. Especially now that I'll have to leave the apartment to feed myself. Because pasta ain't gonna do it. I'll be hungry again later. I just know it. And I have no potato chips. :(