Thursday, June 26, 2008

Online Activism

One of my FAVORITE things to do online is participating in online activism.

I have memberships at Care2,, thepetitionsite and Alley Cat Allies to name a few. The best thing about them is that I can sign petitions and participate in making some kind of difference. I wish I could donate to everybody but the problem is $$$.

Unfortunately, I chose my profession for the LOVE, not the MONEY. Veterinary technicians just don't make enough, more often than not. If the profession were better regulated (it's getting there, it's just not there YET...) things would be different. But I digress. Whole other post entirely...


A Plurk peep of mine posted info about this horrific story of a local TV STATION bulldozing and killing off a local feral cat colony. OK, now that just PISSES ME OFF.

Feral or not, you don't f*** with cats while I still draw breath. Period.

So I created a petition on The Petition Site, sponsored by Care2, and an action under the Feral and Homeless Cats header of I've never created a petition before so this should be a good learning experience.

So, without further ado, here's the link so you can go and sign. Pretty please. With kittens on top!

And buy ORGANIC products whenever you can. They're superior products that are better for you anyway. Not to mention, it's gonna PISS OFF their advertisers which is a MAJOR BONUS. HA!!!