Sunday, June 29, 2008

To SnB, or Not To SnB

Every Sunday morning, my SnB in Durham meets at a local coffee house. Actually, it should be renamed Stitch-n-Laugh-Our-Asses-Off because that's REALLY what goes on. HA!

Unfortunately, due to my work schedule (which may change, depending how you look at it. Another post.), I haven't been able to make it because I've been too tired to get MY ass out of the apartment to go have some people time.

I happened to have had the week off so I'm rested but yesterday was bad because my stomach was acting up again. I have a sensitive system that likes to inform me at the last minute possible what's acceptable to consume, and what isn't. Yesterday, it was 2 cups of coffee (oh, the irony...). So when I wasn't lying down or trying to read a book I was getting rid of coffee (which through hindsight I think now were actually blood clots) and half a small bottle of extra strength bismuth (aka the "pink" stuff).

My body is still feeling a bit "don't leave the apartment JUST in case" residual feeling. So I'm still debating whether or not to make the 30 minute trip.

Maybe not. I haven't picked up the sweater in a month. I'm not sure I remember where I left off and I have no backup project to take with me either.

But I do need people time. I don't get enough of it outside of work. We'll see.

I'll keep you posted. :)


Nik said...

I'd like to remind you that being near death is no excuse to ditch the ladies.