Sunday, June 22, 2008


Just writing a quick intro tonight since it's late and I'm pooped. Been a baaaaaad girl and spent the whole day on the computer playing with all my new Social Networks, mainly Twitter and Plurk, and the new Flock Eco browser (which I'm a HUGE fan of BTW....). :-)

I work as an Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) in Raleigh moving down here from NY about 2 years ago with my 3 kittehs: Matty (Himalayan), Mindy (Grey Tabby) and Nicky (Russian Blue). So my blogs will be primarily about their adventures and my MISadventures. Among other things.

Oh yeah, I also knit and scrapbook photos. I'm crafty that way. ;-)

OK. Without further ado, here are the kids:

As you can see, guarding my bed (yeah, I KNOW it's unmade...) is a very important job.

Lazy. Just like their mother. Heh. ;-)


theatreknitter said...

my babies favorite game is making the bed. he finds it FASCINATING to get under the sheets (no really, the fitted sheets) He will stay there like a lump for about 20 minutes, then realized he is trapped and start meowing.
he is also a complete escape artist. he opened a door and got out yesterday.

FelineFunkyness said...

That is Matty's favorite bed game too especially when I'm changing the sheets. One of these days, I'm going to make the bed after the "change" and leave him there just to see what happens...

Luckily, none of the kids are escape artists nor do they have the urge. Although Nicky usually waits for me by the door when I come home from work in the morning. ;)