Friday, June 27, 2008

My Weasley Sweater aka The Infinite Project

I need a bit of a diversion from the "week from hell" I've been having between work, the fridge and disturbing badness towards animals I've been reading about on the Internets so I'll focus on something new. Or, in this case, something old (a year or so): my Weasley Sweater project.

Knitting is something I really love and I'm pretty new at it. I don't take enough time to knit as I should because there are times when I have the attention span of a flea and just don't focus. That's why this is kind of an old project. I've been at it a year. But I love it and I think the end product will be very gratifying every time I get to wear it. Whenever THAT may be - HA!

I found the pattern on Alison Hansel's The Blue Blog. Luckily, my LYS had the exact yarn I needed, Rowan Felted Tweed, so I was able to get started right away. But the pattern also called for Size 3 needles, which are TINY. It took me a little getting used to because I usually knitted using Size 9s and 10s but I actually enjoy the smaller size too.

I should have seen the warning sign in front of me saying "this-may-take-you-a-while-because-you-still-don't-know-
what-you-are-doing-yet" in the fact that getting gauge took FOREVER. Did like 4 gauge swatches. And a gal that used to be in one of my SnB groups, who is a PHENOMENAL knitter, tried to help me with it and was herself STUMPED. But she figured it out and steered me in the right direction. Yay!

Starting it was easy enough. It's mostly stockinette stitch. Knit one row then purl one row, repeat until you get the measurement you need for your desired size. Which was great. Easy and straightforward. I can do that. Now that I've done both the front and back, I have to work on the neckline and the impending sleeve areas along the sides. This is where I'm kinda stuck. When I started out by doing the first panel, I tried to size it along myself and I felt it was maybe a little snug. So an SnB friend recommended making the other panel a little bigger so I wouldn't have to frog ALL THAT WORK but I'm not that an experienced a knitter to figure out what to do with regard to the next steps. And I STILL have to learn intarsia for the "H". Oh oh...

Oh well. I will prevail - I am determined! I'm not in any hurry, anyway.